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Prepare for Disasters with long term food storage.

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The majority of my food storage falls into these categories, including
80 lbs of white rice, flour, seasonings, pasta, canned vegatables.
Hope it gives you some ideas on what you might add to your pantry.
Remember to always rotate your canned goods. Using oldest first.

(All items will last beyond their best buy dates.
Rotate Tomato based products and canned fruits more often.)

corned beef hash Knorr Sides TopRamen Spam Vienna Sausage
canned roast beef Ragu Quaker Oats pancake mix Maruchan
LaChoy Campbells Chunky Soup Instant Rice Instant Grits Cooked Ham
canned chicken gravy mixes Chef Boyardee Dinty Moore Compleats Meals
Augason Farms White tuna in water Bush Beans Hormel Chili Chicken Broth

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