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How to build a rain water collection system.

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  1. Roof area times .56 equals gallons of water per inch of rain. (1,000 sq feet times .56 equals 560 gallons of water.)
  2. Things you'll need: Approx. total cost $100 - $150
  3. 55 gallon plastic drum. Rural King has them for $20 but you can get them free some places.
    Try car washes as that's how they get their soap.
    Not a good idea to use metal drums. They rust and hard to clean.
    In a pinch, Home Depot has 55 Gal Industrial Plastic Drums but $87.
  4. Lengths of roof gutter for your home or carport. I used my carport.
  5. 3 hangers for every 10 feet of gutter
  6. A downspout fitting and length of down spout to reach the barrel.
  7. Splices to connect the lengths of gutter and the down spout adapter.
  8. A funnel to direct the water from the downspout into the barrel. Plan on a screen to collect debris.
  9. A 3/4" fitting for a garden hose and a bulk head fitting for the barrel itself.
    You'll need an appropriate size hole saw to cut hole in side of barrel near the bottom
    They may not make an exact fit hole saw, so get the next smaller one then file the hole to fit.
    Make sure to drill this hole under one of the bungs on the top of the barrel to get the bulk head fitting in.
    I used a stiff metal wire from the top bung to the hole I drilled then slid the bulkhead fitting down the wire.
    Drill approx. a 1" hole near the top of the barrel, in the side, to let the overflow out. .
    You could even install a 1/2" pvc male adapter in this hole and then run 1/2" pvc somewhere more convenient.
  10. Cement blocks or something else to raise the barrel off the ground a little for the hose to attach.
    I used a total of 6 in pairs so I could gravity feed water to my garden.
  11. Here's a link to get you started. Lowes Gutter Systems
  12. More to follow including photos.

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