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Using granular Calcium Hypochlorite to
disinfect and purify water.

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pool shock 1 lb bag of pool shock will treat 10,000 gallons of water
Using granular Calcium Hypochlorite to disinfect water is a two-step process.
“Mix only in a Plastic or Glass container, NOT METAL!!”
To make a stock of liquid chlorine solution:
Dissolve 1 heaping teaspoon (about one-quarter of an ounce) of high-test
(70%) granular calcium hypochlorite for each two gallons (eight liters) of water.
(This liquid mixture is the stock that you will use to treat your drinking water.)
To disinfect water, add one part of the liquid chlorine solution to 100 parts water to be treated;
stir thoroughly with clean wooden or plastic spoon (NOT metal) until hypochlorite crystals dissolve.
6 oz of liquid solution treats about 4.75 gallons of water in a five gallon bucket. (4.75 gal = 608 oz. of water)
Let the mixture sit at least 30 minutes or more before use.
Be sure to ration the dry granular calcium hypochlorite, since once it is made into a liquid solution,
it will begin to degrade and eventually become useless as a disinfectant.
Make your liquid chlorine solution in small batches, enough for just a few weeks at a time.
Liquid Bleach or Liquid Pool Shock has a very short "shelf life".

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