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Prepping for Hurricanes and Prepare for Survival

This may become a rambling article on my experiences dealing with Hurricanes in Florida.
Not so much a "how to" story but what I've personally done to make my life,
before and after hurricanes, easier.
With Hurricane Dorian at our door, just seemed like a good time to go over a few things.
So, in no particular order, here goes.


Currently I have 48 bottles of water stored. 20 oz bottles and very cheap.
Doesn't sound like much but I also have a generator to run my deep well pump and also
a rainwater collection sytem for other water uses such as toilet.
I also have granular Calcium Hypochlorite to disinfect and purify water should it come to that.


It goes without saying I'm well stocked on food and much of it is what I normally eat anyway.
However, I have made an effort to look for items that have the quickest and least energy consuming needs.
If cooking fuel is running low, cooking quick is a major advantage.
I've also stocked some cold cuts for the first few days power is out.
It won't keep for long but better than nothing.
A refrigerator will stay cold about 4 hours, a freezer can last 2 days.
My plan, when power goes out, is stick everything in the freezer.

Cooking in general:

Here I have many options.
Propane stove, simple electric hot plate that will run off generator and even a small alcohol cooking stove.
I even have a 400 watt rice cooker that will run off my inverter/battery set up.
I also have a low watt microwave which may or may not work with my inverter.
I plan to go with a 1,000 watt pure sine wave inverter in the future that way I'm sure.

Power and Lights:

Here my years as an electician come into play.
I have a large generator that could power my entire house but it is a gas hog. I mean REALLY bad.
But, just the thing for the few times I need to run my well pump on 220 volt.
I'd really only have to run it like 10 minutes for a week's worth of water.

For just normal lights, refrigerator, tv etc etc, I have a small 3,500 watt 110 volt generator
that is VERY good on fuel.
Using it at the races, it normally uses about 2.6 gallons over 11 hours.
Kind of pricey but Harbor Freight has a great one.
I also splurged on a low wattage window A/C unit. At least I can keep one room cool when central air is out.
Cool it down before going to bed and shutting off the generator.

In addition I have (2) 12 volt batteries and a 750 watt inverter to power low watt items such as cell charger,
Laptop, Low watt LED lights, Ham radio if I need it, and even my 400 watt rice cooker.
This has been, in the past, and will be my primary source of lights during Hurricanes.
Kept me sane during Hurricane Irma.
No worries about running out of gas just to power a couple of lights or my laptop.
Anytime I happen to be running the generator, I'll put a charger on the batteries while it's running.
I've also just purchased an Alpicool C20 portable refrigertor that will also run off my inverter system to save
any food I had in my normal refrigerator. Very low wattage power use. Read my review.

I do have a small solar system but won't bother with unless power is out for a long long time.

You don't have to do all these items but please do something to prepare.

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