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Prescription drug storage and obtaining drugs for Survival

Lack of needed drugs for medical conditions is an often overlooked subject for
being prepared for grid down situations or other disasters.
Many of us are totally dependent on our local pharmacy for on time delivery of our prescription meds.
Anyone in Florida, or elsewhere, has been through power outages where the pharmacy is closed,
sometimes perhaps for days.
In fact, my local pharmacy won't fill my prescriptions until just before I'm out.
This has resulted, more than once, in my getting a few days supply until my normal delivery.
In fact, pharmacies operate on a "just in time" schedule just like grocery stores.
They don't stock it until it's actually needed by customers.
Now try and imagine there will NEVER be another delivery?
At least not in a timely manner when you actually need it.

It's rare for a pharmacy to give out prescription drugs in a quantity necessary for long term storage.
Most prescriptions have good long term storage properties.
Only losing small amounts of effectiveness over time.
However, there are some alternative means available.

First off, stock up on vitamins and pain killers. This is a no brainer.
During a disaster you might not get your needed vitamins from what you're eating.
Long shelf life and easy to store. Stay away from Gummy types. Heat effects them more.

Prescription drugs in general are another issue to deal with.
I've begun stocking up on prescription drugs via Canadian online Pharmacies.
All you need is a written prescription from your doctor to scan
and send to your selected Canadian pharmacy. All handled online.
People worry that some of these prescriptions are manufactured overseas.
The truth is they are manufactured by the same companies you're using now.
The downside is you have to pay out of your own pocket.
Another downside is not being able to buy insulin or other heat sensitive drugs.

The upside is it's MUCH cheaper than what people pay for the same drug in the USA.
Yet another upside is getting cheap drugs when you hit the dreaded Medicare Donut hole.
Adding to the aggravation is not knowing when you hit the donut hole until you go to pay.
I just love comparisons so here's one I have experience with.
Januvia USA Retail (donut hole) 90 days. $1,365 -- Canada $120
Invokana USA Retail (donut hole) 90 days. $1,565 -- Canada $297
We're being played for suckers in the USA.

I've been buying online for over 3 years and not seen any decrease in quality or effectiveness.
Google: Canadian Pharmacy for many resources.
I use PriceProPharmacy as one example.

Now onto the topic of antibiotics.
Perhaps you'll be able to purchase these via Canadian Pharmacies as well
but I go the fish antibiotic route.
I store away fish antibiotics, Ciprofloxacin is one I've used many times and is dirt cheap overseas
but expensive in the USA. Hence, stocking up on the fish version.
Best to read THIS GUIDE before making a decision.
List of common antibiotics that come as "fish" versions.
Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, Ciprofloxacin, and Penicillin

Insulin or other injectables:
I wish I could give more advice on this subject but I can't.
Best to contact your doctor and express your concerns about long term storage.
The only advice I can give is get yourself a low wattage refrigerated chest to keep
what you already have cooler for longer.
I did some research on the best option for keeping insulin cool for type 1 Diabetics.
See the Number one rated Alpicool refrigerator. Will run for many days on a couple of 12 volt batteries.
Claims are one 100watt solar panel is enough to keep batteries charged, or recharge them with generator.
Not very big but could also keep some fresh veggies fresh.

For those seeking "Natural Alternatives" I recommend visiting MedlinePlus.gov
Keep in mind it's a Government site so trust but verify.

Last Point:
Is it legal to buy medications from Canadian or Mexico pharmacies?
The answer is, technically no, but U.S. officials are allowing it to happen.
If they tried to enforce it, they'd have to arrest the governments of the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Illinois, Vermont, as well as many city governments and private employers
who have turned to Canada for lower-cost prescription drugs. On average, less than 50% of USA prices.

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