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Bug in or Bug out during Disasters or SHTF

Is it best to stay where you are or hit the road during disasters or SHTF.
This article won't give the answer to this question but point out what the options are and things you need to consider.
Your own situation should be the primary driver on your decision for bugging in or bugging out.

Perhaps I'm a little more biased due to working overseas in some serious hot spots and seen how bad it can get.
As bad as a place like Chicago or Detroit can be, it's nothing compared to other places in the world.
Now consider a complete collapse of law and order, grid down, or other disaster.
Many cities in the USA will be just as bad as the hot spots I've been in. Maybe worse.
Even though many of these spots were terrible conditions, the fact is the people had learned to cope.
Neighborhoods had formed groups out of necessity. Trade was already established between people in the group.
There was already order established in all the chaos.
Thieves were quickly found and punished but not by the police. But by members of these groups.
In short, these people were living in a shtf world every day and making it work.
The reality is, if SHTF should happen, many of these countries wouldn't see any difference in their lives.
They would have already found ways to cope long ago.

None of this "group think" is going to happen should shtf happen in the USA.
Chances are you don't even know your neighbor. At least no more than a passing hello.
Strong family ties, evident in many countries, don't exist as much here.
Families, in many cases, are spread out all over the USA.
Forget any law and order after shtf. Police will be too busy helping their own families.
The point I'm trying to make here is, if shtf, you are alone.

Now some survivalist channels talk about forming groups.
Let me explain why that won't work "bugging in" inside a city.
1. Most people in these groups live far apart from each other so getting together will be an issue.
2. It's assumed all members of the group will stick to "the plan".
3. I find #2 highly unlikely. By nature, people will hunker down to protect their families until it gets really bad.
4. When it gets really bad, it's already too late to get with the plan.
5. In the event the group does get together in the city, it won't be long before the group becomes a target.
(A group hiding out in one spot is not going to go un-noticed.)
6. I find it wishful thinking that a group could defend a home for very long in a city.

Bugging in as a single family or individual.
Depending on your location and amount of supplies you have, this might work for a short term solution.
BUT, resources such as food, water, waste disposal is going to become a major issue.
Hiding out is possible but eventually you'll be found if only by looters.
This is not a good plan for anyone. Get out and quickly.

So let's take the next logical step. Bugging out to some location. In a group or alone.
1. Do you actually know where you're going? You'd be surprised how many don't.
2. Are there supplies already there or do you need to transport supplies somehow?
3. How do you transport people and supplies after grid goes down? No gas, no water, no food.
4. Just how remote is this location? It better be VERY remote.
(If you're thinking State Parks, you're already behind thousands of others thinking the same thing.)
5. It's nice to think you're going to hunt and fish but so do tens of thousands of others. Take lots of supplies.
6. A bug out bag can't possibly hold what you'll need for more than a few days. Then what?
7. Big mistake picking a location more than one tank of gas away.
(Even if you have extra gas, the traffic tie ups will be major)
8. Waiting too long to bug out. This will get most people. You wait, thinking it will get better somehow.
(By the time you decide to leave, you're trapped where you are.)
9. If your entire plan is a bug out bag, you're dead already.

I know, it sounds like I'm being very negative about bugging out or forming groups.
Not at all. Bugging out and groups are great options if your plan is sound and well thought out. Most are not.
The few plans I've seen depended on things working perfect. They won't, count on it.

Bugging In--Rural location.
Here's where I differ from some preppers.
If you live in a rural location, NEVER think about bugging out. Not a great idea.
In a way you are already bugging out. To leave in search of a more rural location just does not make sense.
You already know your area, have supplies, and you're going to pack up and leave for an unknown area?
Just how does this make any sense?
Some preppers like to instill fear by saying the hoards of people leaving the city will
eventually over run your rural location.
In what alternate universe do they live in?
They like to talk about bands of people leaving the city in search of food and water.
Most people can't walk 10 miles, let alone without water.
Then there's the scenario of roaming bands of looters in trucks. Movies seem to love this one.
Give me a break. Where did they get all this gas?
Bands of looters driving down dirt roads with major stores nearby? Not likely.
Plus there is the "how did they find you?" question.
People escaping the cities are going to take major routes out just for availability of resources.
If you are rural and not on a major highway, you're in a great situation.

Then we get into the rural group think. Chances are you know your neighbors.
Maybe not close friends but chances are you'll start thinking in group terms out of necessity.
No need for creating a formal group.
You're all on the same page as far as things like theft, strangers, and home defense already.
This is very close to what I observed in hot spots around the globe.
Group think in place from the very beginning.
Probably all your rural neighbors have fire arms and know how to use them.

Lastly we get into your city friends bugging out to your place.
This may sound cruel, but don't let them. In fact, best idea is not to tell them anything of your plans.
If they ask, that's fine as it shows they are at least thinking in the right direction.
But don't go into too much detail until you see how serious they are.
Unless they have stored supplies at your place ahead of time, they will just deplete what YOU have.
In fact, unless they have discussed this with you ahead of time, it just means they were not prepared at all.

Like I said in the beginning, this article does not answer the bugging in or bugging out question.
It's only meant to start you thinking about your options.
Thank You.

I'd recommend watching this kind of "tongue in cheek" video on where to live after shtf.
He makes some valid points which go along with my thoughts on the subject.
Many of us in Florida live in his "Blue Zone".

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