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Home Built Faraday Cage for Generators

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This was part of a project I created while in an electronics shop in the Army.
We worked in a few pro built Faraday cages and our commander asked us to create
a simple cage that could be built in the field with minimal materials.
This Faraday cage is the result and compared very favorably with our Pro Built cage
using the same instruments we tested the Pro Built cage with..

Survival Products florida-prepper.com

Simple faraday cage anyone can built
I should add to the instructions all seams, even if overlapped,
should be sealed with 3M alm foil tape.

Faraday Cage for Generators florida-prepper.com

Faraday Cage for Generators 1 florida-prepper.com

Faraday Cage for Generators 2 florida-prepper.com

Faraday Cage for Generators 3 florida-prepper.com

A simple, metal trash can farady cage.
Line the can with cardboard, the sides and the bottom.
Seal the lid edge with alm backed tape.

Trash can Faraday Cage construction

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